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Fast-cash-system.com scam

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We have found Fast-cash-system.com a site that features as the top sponsor on Googles PPC (pay per click) ads when you type in “make money fast” or something similar.

When you come across a site such as fast-cash-system.com that offers to show you how to make money quickly, surely you’re thinking to yourself “well what’s the catch?”

Here’s what I discovered.

Firstly, this is a paid advertisement, therefore the webmaster is investing money in it hoping to make some money in return.  So how does he (or she) do that?

Simply, this webmaster and also alot of similar sites like this make money by acting as an affiliate by introducing you to online casinos.  The point is that you click on their link and when you sign up to the online casino, they make a commission.

Secondly, the bait or attention tool they employ is the promise of “make £300 within 15 minutes of joining” and this is simply a doubling up bets system for roulette so that you never lose your capital.  As good as it sounds, it means you have to spend alot of time clicking away all day and also hope you don’t get caught in the act by the casinos.

In a nutshell, though fast-cash-system.com is not a “scam” as such, is this how you really want to make some money?  Use a system to beat an online casino (which you would be thrown out of in a real life casino).

If this is your idea of making money online then I’m not going to stop you, but if you want to make money online in a way that is building a concrete income, based on sound principles, giving value and offer something that does help other people, then there are much better ways to do it.

Just don’t caught up in fast money promises.  Read here to find out how the experts make real incomes and avoid the scams.

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