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Scamxposer Review

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Today we look at scamxposer.com

We review scamxposer and see if it is a scam reviewing scams if you know what I mean.

This site gets about 9 to 10k of traffic per month and has been around for a few years now, so it’s doing well in terms of visibility.  It’s also a PR3 site, so not bad for a scam review site.

I checked to see how good the reviews were and I actually did find some reviews in there.  Not all sites listed are reviewed but some are.

During my time before I “made it”, I did get scammed by a program called “Currency Exhange Profits”.  I invested over $500 into the scheme and have never seen that money again, let alone any profits.  Scamxposer has a review on this scam and has told people to stay away.  So thumbs up for helping others out there.

This site obviously lists the scams to avoid but also recommends some programs.  The comment I want to make is even though programs are recommended, you still need to keep your head on.  Don’t spend money you can’t afford and make sure it seems realistic enough.  After all, the scamxposer.com website makes money as a “recommender” of products by being an affiliate, so could there be some bias when recommending programs?  I’ll let you think for yourself.

All in all, I find the site is useful with the list of scams to avoid.  If anyone has had any bad experiences with this site, please leave a comment and share with others.

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